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I grew up in Galicia, a very beautiful and - to this day - unspoilt region in the North West of Spain. It was a childhood filled with markets, family shops, and local vegetables. Natural and homemade food was at the centre of my upbringing - food waste wasn’t really a thing...and if there was any, my childhood dog ´Chispa´ (Spark) would see to it!My love for travelling and languages inspired me to study tourism at university, where I became increasingly interested in conservation. But it wasn’t until 2017 that this interest really took root when I committed to minimalism and veganism; permanently altering my perception of the world and my impact on it.After years spent working in hospitality, I decided to relocate to the UK in 2015. I settled in Swindon while working for the National Trust - a time that holds many special memories for me - and probably would have carried on creating them - if Stacey hadn’t rather rudely distracted me from my nice smooth path!Zero Green has been the most challenging but rewarding project of my life - many of our customers have become close friends...and even employees and suppliers!In my spare time I enjoy reading, travelling, cooking over a glass of red wine...but mostly I will seek any excuse to move my feet: dancing salsa and African dances brings me to my happy place! 


I was born in Suffolk where I lived until my early twenties - a childhood of muddy boots and hopping field gates. In time, I made my move to the bright lights of...Exeter! My career in retail started here with Sainsburys, where I spent 17 years, eventually moving to Bristol and working as a store manager.The truth was though: I hadn’t been happy in Sainsbury’s for some time. Being part of such a large company, I felt unempowered and frequently had to compromise on my values. I took the leap and began working for the National Trust at their head office in Swindon. It was night and day: I was now working for an organisation that had a mission I could buy into. It truly brought home to me the importance of nourishing my truth on a daily basis. This is also where I met Lidia!When the mad idea of starting my own venture entered my head, she was the only candidate I thought might be brave and/or reckless enough to come along for the journey. Poor Lidia.The vision of Zero Green was born over countless cups of tea and slices of cake on our breaks at work. Earning a living was only one aspect of the project we envisioned. More importantly: it had to conform to our values.And so Zero Green has become the commitment I am most proud of in my life. Through all the early mornings and long nights of owning a small business, I can hold the truth close that in some small way, we have made a positive impact in our Bristol community and little part of the planet!Outside of work I play football with a local ladies team and have recently discovered a love of climbing.
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80 North Street, Bristol, BS3 1HJ, United Kingdom

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