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3 St Mary St, Cardiff, CF10 1AT, United Kingdom

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Tinctures have been on the market for some time now. We all love the way they can be mixed easily, and the speed with which they are absorbed. But, not all tinctures are made equal.
I do not cut corners, compromise on strength or shrink at cost. I want to get my patients better… fast, and to that end I want to make the most potent tinctures on the planet!
So, how do I do this?
 First of all I use a UK GMP facility with the capacity to test that the herb we start with has all the active components we know should be in that herb.
¬†I don’t just want standard tinctures either.
I may subject a given herb to decoction, distillation or infusion as well as the standard tincture making process. I want to make sure I get every last active constituent out of the herb and into my tincture…putting more in to get more out. Then, when the tincture is made, test it again, make sure those actives are all still there, intact.
¬†With a few specific, rare exceptions I always start with dried herbs. Think about it…a fresh herb contains an awful lot of water to begin with and is much heavier than dried herb, so adding this to a mixture of water and alcohol to make the tincture means you have diluted your actives more than if you started with the dry herb. Sure, talk about using fresh herbs may be in vogue or the latest marketing angle, but is it really best? You effectively have less herb in the tincture. The result, of course, is a weaker tincture. Remember, the most important question is; does the herb contain a complete fingerprint of the active chemicals to begin with. It does not really matter if the herb is fresh or dry.
So, by ensuring the herb has all the actives and is extracted maximally you have a tincture that is "BETTER THAN FRESH".
Beanfreaks is the home of Swiss Herbal Remedies. 
Established in 1985,
Swiss Herbal Remedies are the most potent available, and they are made in the UK.
To GMP Standard
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3 St Mary St, Cardiff, CF10 1AT, United Kingdom