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Friendly Turtle are an ethical, eco-conscious online shop, full of sustainable alternatives to everyday products!

Friendly Turtle was founded on the belief that the choices we make can have an impact on the planet, and we all share a responsibility to look after it. Through making more informed and conscious decisions, we can reduce the damage we have on the world around us. In creating this connection between our daily choices and the impacts they have on the environment, we can live more sustainably and responsibly.

Friendly Turtle introduce people to the many sustainable alternatives that are currently available. Whether this is reusable, on-the-go products such as coffee cups, lunchboxes and water bottles, a plastic-free alternative to the many toiletries in your bathroom cupboard, or products which are made with green, natural and planet-friendly ingredients.

Collectively, there are still so many opportunities for us to improve and reduce our waste. They are the place to inspire you to do more – to make simple swaps away from the single-use, unsustainable options that are available online, on the high street, and in our supermarkets.
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