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Exeter, EX5 2UL, United Kingdom

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Two Drifters Distillery Ltd is the creation of Russ and Gemma Wakeham who love rum, science, Devon and the planet. Russ has a phd in Organic Chemistry, which has taken us all over the world - hence the name! We founded Two Drifters Brewery after living in vancouver, where we fell in love with craft beer. When we moved back to Devon, end of 2018, we knew we wanted to make rum, as well as beer, and so we added a distillery to our plans. Since bottling our first rum in April 2019, we have been overhwlemed by the positive response to our products, our brand and our story. We ferment 100% molasses and distill it in our bespoke warehouse near Exeter Airport, where our brewery is housed as well. We've worked very hard to be where we are right now, and finally believe we have the best jobs in the world, living in one of the best counties, making products that we love. We strongly believe that nowadays, there is no reason why you should start a business knowing you are harming the environment. So, not only do we pride ourselves on making excellent rum, from scratch, but we are also the world’s first Brewery and Distillery that has a carbon negative footprint.
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