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- Do you LOVE food?
- Do you enjoy cooking?
- Do you want to discover new recipes and eat a healthier diet?
-Do you have a family? Do you want to learn new cooking styles and encourage healthier eating habits?

Well if you answered yes to the above then you're in the right place!!


Welcome to my group Rebecca's Kitchen (vegan) ?

What started out as a hobby, which was to share recipes with my close friends and family, has now become something much bigger!! We are a worldwide group ? with around 1300 members, and where EVERYONE is very welcome ?

A little about me...

I am Rebecca Nushi, mum of 4, based in north London & I am completely obsessed with all things food!!

My passion for cooking started around 25 yrs ago when I used to watch my Greek Nan preparing food for our family.

The famous saying is so true that "food is love baked" and nothing brings me more pleasure than watching my loved ones enjoy a good hearty meal.

I'm self taught, i started to cook for family and friends, did a little catering for family events that sort of thing, bought my first cookbook aged 17 and the rest is history as they say! ?

The concept of this group is very simple.

Rebecca's Kitchen (Vegan) is here to share healthy and delicious recipes with all its members, to provide inspiration, support and food/nutritional education.

I will be providing content on a weekly basis (when I am feeling most creative!) and members are also encouraged to share as often as they wish.

We are a friendly bunch of passionate foodies who believe that "sharing is caring", right guys ??

I want to spread the love ❤️and passion for good & healthy food, in my community, not only here in London, but worldwide too!!!

I turned vegan in Jan 2018 and my own personal mission now is to educate people to eat healthier on a daily basis by cooking from scratch (it's SO important!) and by using vegan alternatives to the meat and dairy that surrounds us.

The health benefits of being vegan surpass all other diets and being vegan empowers you on so many levels.

I've changed so many bad eating habits just by changing my diet. The recipes I make are easy to make, taste amazing and feed the whole family. They are completely child friendly too!

Cooking should be fun, a lifelong journey of discovery, and is a special gift that should be passed down generations - it shouldn't be a mundane chore!!

Rebecca's Kitchen is the place for recipe ideas and inspiration, from people just like you!!! Oh, and being vegan doesn't mean limiting yourself to boring salads everyday! Come join me and discover a wide variety of new and exciting vegan foods and flavours ❤️ I've so much to share with you ?

(Of course, all foodies are welcome, wether you are vegan or not ?)

I hope you enjoy the group, much love.
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