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Founded in 2018, Forester Products is the culmination of a journey to create ethical accessories for everyone.

Weary by his career in finance and its values, Sean wanted to align his professional values with his new vegan lifestyle. He left his job and home in Montreal in 2017 to find what it was he was missing.

Once back in Ireland, we immediately began designing the first products for Forester Products range. These became vegan leather products designed with functionality, style, and ethical principles at their core.

The idea for the range came after Sean set out to replace the leather watch that his partner and co-founder had bought for him the year before. He quickly found no products or brand met his needs in terms of style and values and it left him frustrated with the limited choice of sustainable, vegan and fashionable accessories.

This was the moment when everything fell into place and Forester Products was born.

We want to create classic sustainable wardrobe staples which last beyond the trends of fast fashion.

We believe that life and business can and should be fun and by incorporating altruistic principles in all that we do, we can make the world a slightly better place. For this reason, we commit 10% of all profits to causes that align with our own values.

The sustainability of materials is the heartbeat of what we do at Forester Products. We have carefully considered the key benefits of our fabrics to ensure they reflect our brand and ethos. Sustainability, quality, form and function are of equal importance for us, and we work to source and produce our products using the most innovative practices and materials which can change the way we think about fashion.

We just want to have some fun, create beautiful lasting products, and do our bit for the world. Explore the range now.
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