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21-22 The Glass Arcades St. Nicholas Markets, Bristol, BS1 1LJ, United Kingdom

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You will find the juice bar in the heart of St Nicholas market. It is an open bar with seating at the bar and a couple of tables. The market and the juice bar have a welcoming all inclusive energetic vibe. As well as fruit juices and wheatgrass, there is a wide range of food on offer from other vendors in the market. Vegetarian and vegan diets are well catered for. The juice bar itself has a strong emphasis on health, nutrition and ecological sustainability. There are lots of nutrition books available at the bar to flick through/borrow while you drink your juice. Along with the emphasis on health is a strong emphasis on wheatgrass, which we grow ourselves. Many of the books you'll find at the bar deal specifically with wheatgrass. Juices are served in biodegradable corn cups. Take a look at the juice bar photographs on the website to get a better idea of the atmosphere.
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Juice bar that serves a wide range of fruit juices, wheatgrass juice and vegetarian snacks. Also provide a range of vegetarian nutritional supplements.

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21-22 The Glass Arcades St. Nicholas Markets, Bristol, BS1 1LJ, United Kingdom

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