User tutorial

Log in or recover your password

Tutorial 1  

In the top menu there are the “Log in” and “Create an account” items.

I you already have an account, created in this new MVT website or the old version, just click on log in and fill the form.


Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3


Create a new account

Click on the top menu item “Create an account” and fill the form.


Tutorial 4


Manage your account

Once you have logged in, you will be able to add new listings or manage your current ones using the “dashboard”.


Tutorial 5


Once you are in your dashboard, click on “Business” and “Listings” to see your business. You can edit them as required.


Tutorial 6


In the dashboard you can also check your private messages, statistics, reviews and manage your bookmarks.


Add a new listing/business

Just click on the “+ Add listing” button to create a profile for your business.


Tutorial 7


Fill the fields and follow the indications.


Tutorial 8


Claim a business

If your business is already listed but you can’t edit it, claim it sending an email to

You must attach a prove of address.