Rosina Makes

Rosina Makes

  • Vegan

Vegan cakes and Bakes, made without gluten.

*Based in Essex, can deliver to Brighton and surrounding areas. Please check Facebook for our upcoming locations and events.*

Having a family that suffers with many allergies, it's difficult to find food that everyone can enjoy.

We have been a few years in the making of Rosina Makes - Making vegan cakes and bakes, without gluten, due to two of our family members not being able to eat gluten, dairy, milk, and other ingredients.

Going out to eat is the hardest task - and although it's getting easier for some, being gluten free and vegan is the most difficult. Finding something vegan, but contains gluten, or finding something that has no gluten, but contains eggs, dairy, etc.

So with our small business, we hope to end all of this. Making vegan cakes and bakes, without gluten, that actually taste nice!

We are constantly inventing new recipes, always in search of perfection.

We love our cakes, we hope you love them too!

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Offers non-dairy milks

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