The Green Woman

The Green Woman

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The Green Woman are the creators of Fit Pit ethical deodorant. A natural deodorant cream that is 100% organic, vegan and earth kind. Cruelty free and suitable for vegans, Fit Pit contains no Parbens, BPAs or Aluminium salts. Fit Pit works by subtly changing your skins pH, which stops smell-causing bacteria from thriving. Meaning you can sweat, making it even better for you, but there is just no smell. Find out more about Fit Pit in the body care section of the Viva! shop.

Reviews of The Green Woman

I tried to love it but its just not for me

I bought three different jars as I love the idea of an organic vegan deodorant. I tried all 3 different fit pit, even the sensitive one and everytime I end up having really inflamed armpits after a week of using the creams. I feel like I don't sweat that much when I'm using the fit pit creams but the consequences of having really soar armpits makes it worthless. Unfortunately I won't be buying from the Green woman again.

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Posted on Sunday 23rd of September 2018 by Mon

Great deodorant

Have tried quite a few eco deodorants that either leave marks or don't last. Have tried the standard fitpit man/woman for my partner and myself and both love them. He's active all day and it lasts great, no marks.

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Posted on Wednesday 13th of March 2019 by Kathy

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