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Vegan shoes
We offer chic non-leather shoes for women who love fashion and aim to lead a vegan, vegetarian or eco-friendly lifestyle. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on beauty and design in order to satisfy your ethical ideals.
The company was founded in 2013 by Susannah Wright, who has been a vegetarian since a teenager.
"I’ve always loved shoes but found it so hard to find the styles I like that aren’t made of leather or suede," says Susannah.
"It struck me that with more and more young women not eating meat, there are plenty who would also like to wear shoes that haven’t been made from animal products but that are as stylish and well-made as leather footwear."
A former journalist, Susannah studied footwear design and construction at Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing, in Florence, Italy. She has also undertaken further skills training at the London College of Fashion.
Using natural and man-made materials, Susannah has designed a range of shoes, sandals and boots which are made at family-run factories in the UK and Spain.
"Many women, like me, love having all sorts of different shoes. I’ve aimed to create styles which are beautiful, on-trend, elegant, edgy and sexy," says Susannah.
"And I think the collection shows that they’re suitable for nights out, work, special occasions and casual everyday wear."
Tivydale will, in future, extend its product range to include men’s and children’s shoes, along with bags, belts and other accessories.
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CLOWES ST, SALFORD, M3 5NF, United Kingdom

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