86 Hill Rise, Richmond, TW10 6UB, United Kingdom

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Restaurant founder Sudden Alberts invites you to experience the delights of freshly prepared contemporary and traditional Indian cuisine at its best.

"Business, romance or just a night out with friends..."

Great management and staff, the chef's impressive provenance, a brilliant atmosphere and fantastic food make Swagat the place to eat out in Richmond.

Whether for a business dinner, romantic assignation or just a night out with friends, Sudden Alberts and the Swagat staff are sure to look after you.

"A lightness of touch..."

We have a phrase to describe the Swagat style of cooking: "With a lightness of touch." By combining healthy food and sophisticated Eastern flavours with a light hand in the kitchen, the emphasis is on enhancing and not overwhelming the dining experience.

"Extremely good value..."

The innovative Swagat menu boasts an extravagant selection of dishes from across India, combining new and original flavours with refined traditional favourites, all treated with our unique touch. The mouth-watering selection of main courses, which includes an impressive array of vegetarian options, represents extremely good value, while the extensive wine list incorporates a full page just for champagnes.

"An upbeat feel-good atmosphere..."

The "lightness of touch" ethos is reflected throughout the restaurant decor. Bare wooden floors, a spacious lay-out and pale walls hung with imported warm-coloured canvases all combine to promote a light, airy feeling. Add a welcoming greeting from host Sudden, relaxed yet attentive staff, subdued lighting and a choice of music which perfectly complements the whole Swagat experience and everything blends seamlessly together to create an upbeat feel-good atmosphere.
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Creative vegetarian dishes, eg Bhutta Methi Palak (baby corn stir fried with sun dried fenugreek, fresh spinach & cumin garnished with toasted sesame seeds)

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86 Hill Rise, Richmond, TW10 6UB, United Kingdom