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Shelter Farm Sanctuary Corp was founded on April 8, 2019 by the three of us: Mike and Jenni Presley, along with our then ten-year-old son, Finn.

We believe very strongly in every being's right to safe shelter, love, and compassion. Thus, we provide farmed (and other) animals with a safe, loving, forever home free from fear and pain. We rescue animals who are abandoned and neglected, who are in danger of being slaughtered, or who happen to find themselves in similar unsafe situations. We get requests for assistance nearly every day, and the hardest part of this work is having to say "no" to an animal whose situation is no fault of her own. We do everything we can to help people find placement for the animals we can't take ourselves, and we have been working hard to strengthen ties with sanctuaries all over the country to create a network of like-minded safe spaces.

We offer monthly tours to provide visitors the opportunity to make connections with animals they normally wouldn't get to know on a personal level. We want them to understand that the bacon on their breakfast plate used to be a sweet, mischievous pig like the ones flopping over for belly rubs or untying shoes here on the farm. The cow's milk in their coffee was stolen from a mother who had just given birth, and the calf who was meant to drink it was used as a tool to stimulate milk production: chained to a wall directly across from her, so that she could hear his cries, see his weakness, and smell his fear, but never touch, nourish, or comfort him. The calf, a gentle, snuggly baby just like our Maia or Arcus, would be assigned one of a few terrible fates, raised in a box for some torturous months before being sold off for veal, ushered back into the milk production line to endure a lifetime of forced pregnancies and stolen progeny, or simply shot dead as a worthless byproduct. The grilled chicken in their salad used to be a living, breathing, crowing chicken like our Abel, who will settle down for a nap in your arms and contentedly purr like a cat.

We, as humans, are better than this. We can do better.

As a home to over fifty animals, we work hard for them every single day on top of day jobs, commutes, school commitments, and life in general. Volunteers are always welcome to help with chores, provide our animals with extra love and attention, or to work on projects around the farm. Our normal volunteer hours are Sundays from 11-2, and we do ask that you contact us first so we know to expect you. We welcome youth groups, student groups, and visitors of all ages. We are always in need of monetary assistance, fruits and veggies, building supplies, and volunteers who are skilled tradespeople. We love to work with interns, veterinary students, and others who need hands-on educational experiences.

We believe in every being's right to exist freely, to feel love, and to love in return. Donations are our major means for providing compassionate care and safe shelter to animals who otherwise would have lived unnaturally short lives full of pain and fear.
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