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The No Meat Steak Company has finally arrived to feed all those people who never eat meat, may occasionally eat meat or actually do eat meat but want to eat better!

Lets be honest about this - for years a visit to a good restaurant for a non carnivore has been nothing short of a nightmare as they choose between cauliflower cheese, cardboard burgers or mushroom risotto whilst their friends get selections from across the culinary world.

We're here to put it right - starting with our fine steaks and Roast collections, steaks and burgers. Soon we will soon be branching out into Fake Foie Gros and smoked salmon, Pad Thai Meatloafs, Malaysian rendangs and Japanese foods as well.

We cook from around the world and thats going to be reflected in our food and if you want to see what we got up to in our previous pop up business with food, from just 1000 footsteps from our home - have a look here —> 1000 Footsteps

Initially were selling to retail but were happy to send you items through the post as well -just contact us and well get you a price !
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