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Veo is the UK's largest and most sustainable online shopping destination, showcasing thousands of unique products from hundreds of independent brands across Fashion, Beauty, Food & Home.

We care about animals, so much so that Veo is a 100% vegan-friendly marketplace. This means avoiding the use, exploitation and oppression of animals, creating a cruelty-free zone that promotes the rights and wellbeing of all living creatures. All products sold on Veo are free from any animal products or by-products (including all ingredients and raw materials), are not animal tested, and 100% cruelty free.

We believe quality & sustainability are intrinsically linked, that one cannot exist without the other. We don't believe consumers should have to compromise in their choices to embrace a sustainable & ethical lifestyle. So we can guarantee you’ll never have to...

the good stuff, no compromise.

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Beauty, Clothing and footwear, Food and drink, Gifts, Health, House and garden, Other, Essentials, Honey alternative, Vegan Gift Sets, Fashion

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