Vegan Camp-Out 2019

Vegan Camp-Out 2019

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Newark Showground, Winthorpe, NG24 2NY, GB

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The Vegan Camp-Out is the world’s largest vegan camping festival as well as being the most international, with campers each year coming from over 30 different countries! We have a huge line-up with stages for music and talks, space for activism workshops, yoga and fitness, and dozens of delicious food options. Each night finishes with an afterparty with DJs mixing different styles of music for everyone to enjoy.

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Second festival ever!!!

Hey y'aaaall...

First vegan camp out that I've been to. Second festival ever for me and here's what I thought...

I came to tech fest in June which is the same site as Vegan camp out, I loved it, there were only 1,500 people on the site. The toilets were relatively clean, most stalls sold vegan food. Several stalls sold tea and coffee and it wasn't too loud at night. It was a dream.

Vegan campout however, was slightly different.

PARKING AND GETTING WRISTBANDS... Liked the fact that they opened the gates early to cars etc as the queue was ridiculous to get in. Once we were parked up, we went over to get our wrist bands. You'd expect this to be an easy affair but unfortunately, it was a right effort. The woman who scanned us said "you've already used one of these bar codes, sorry." And we were like "well yeah, one was to park?" Anyway, after a few more unnecessary questions, she let us in. We went to put the tent up etc, then went back to the car for the second run of bags. When we were going back through the gates, there wasn't a gate to use if you'd already been given a wristband, so because we had our wristbands on, we thought we could just walk through and show our wrist bands as we were walking through. OH NO... The woman stopped be again "Excuse me, I have to scan your ticket" I said "I don't have my ticket sorry, it's in my bag at the tent" "well you'll have to show me the receipt on your phone then" she goes. So I explained to her "I don't think you understand, I've already been through once, I already have my wristband and don't know why you have to scan my ticket if I'm wearing my wristband." A colleague overheard us talking by this point and came over to me and said it's fine, just go through. This put me off going back to my car for anything and just went without for the rest of the weekend.

TOILETS ... Why on earth wouldn't you get staff to clean the toilets over night or at a quiet period? I'm such a clean freak, the toilets right by us (white ones) had no light, no toilet roll, no soap and no proper sanitary bin. Why on earth would you want to put a paying guest in that situation? I mean, yes we are vegan and love animals, but that doesn't exactly mean we want to share our tents with rats.

The proper toilets were also disgusting. Barely any soap or toilet roll, the surfaces didn't get cleaned.

FOOD ... One day I went to queue up at a stall that didn't have a queue. After standing there for 10 mins and a staff member finally acknowledging me, he told me that they were shut and "there's a sign there" (said sign was about 3x3mm therefore many people ended up doing what I did)

Food was lovely however only two places sold coffee so the queue's in the morning were ridiculous.

Gluten Free options need to be more transparent.

Many places struggled under the pressure of the busy queue's and got a bit flustered and many people ended up taking the wrong food. A few stalls had an "ordering queue" and a "collection queue" this worked a treat during busy periods.

Some stalls were still serving plastic: cutlery, coffee and tea lids, etc. To those vendors, you all need to discover VEGWARE!!!!!

TALKS ... The sound in the main hall was terrible. We went to watch Pritchard and walked out after about 7 mins cause we couldn't hear anything.

I really wanted to watch Alex (can't remember his surname sorry) the holocaust survivor and the sound was terrible for him too. I did make a conscious effort to watch as much as I could of his speech but still ended up leaving early.

US SMALL PEOPLE CAN'T SEE ANYTHING :( Please make a rule that when watching a talk everybody has to sit down ON THE FLOOR. Many of the speeches, people were sat down on the front few rows on their camping chairs, which lead people on the next few rows having no choice but to stand up which resulted in many many rows of people not being able to see anything.

One of the speeches I watched, most people were sat down and there were about 15 men stood up towards the middle and I saw another man confronting them and asking for them to sit down to everybody could see to which they replied NO.

It is soooo disrespectful and it really ruins the experience for everyone (especially the 5 footers like myself) If you made a rule that every single person sat on the floor then it would be so much better to enjoy and to make those who want to sit in their deck chairs sit at the back.

The afterparties were good however not everybody is into dance music. You's should deffo have different nights on: metal, dance, 80's 90's etc.. If not, then have a different themed night in each barn.

THE STALLS... Loved the majority of them, there should deffo be a creative stall next year where you can paint etc.

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Posted on Monday 2nd of September 2019 by broganlauren

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Viva stall at the event

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When Is It?


Friday 30th August 2019 at 2:00pm


Sunday 1st September 2019 at 2:00pm


Newark Showground

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Dogs allowed, Parking, Toilets

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