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Little Blue Hen Soap & Skincare

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Little Blue Hen Soap & Skincare (formerly known as The Little Blue Hen Soap Crafting Company) has been specializing in artisan style, traditionally made soaps, bath and skincare products using natural ingredients since 2012. The concept of the business was to offer a completely vegan shopping experience for bath and skin products meaning customers can shop with confidence.

Protecting the environment and sustainability are a key focus.

Little Blue Hen Soap is progressive by nature and evolved into a plastic free products business in 2017.

Since 2014 Little Blue Hen Soap & Skincare has been endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation UK who are the leading and proactive organisation against animal cruelty and animal testing. This means you are guaranteed 100% that there is no animal exploitation involved in our product making, right down to the source of our ingredients, suppliers and other materials we use.

Each product formula is designed carefully to produce not just a pretty bar of clean conscience soap or potion but to turn your bathing and beauty rituals into a luxurious experience for your well being that is affordable for both you and the Earth.

The products are all freshly handcrafted in small batches with the finest botanical ingredients and tested on obliging enthusiastic humans to make sure the products are as effective and gentle as they should be. We use the traditional cold process method of making soap. The natural glycerine is retained in the soap which adds to the natural conditioning properties along with cocoa butter, almond, coconut and sunflower oils. This makes the soaps gentle enough for facial use. Exquisite essential oils are used for their scent and uplifting qualities.

We use as many natural ingredients as possible. When we say natural we mean that the ingredients are as close to their original state when harvested from the Earth as much as possible to create each product. It is common knowledge that the word 'natural' is misused and often misinterpreted in the cosmetic and food industries.

We are committed to 100% transparency and the proper scientific presentation of everything we use in our products.

We will not use scaremongering marketing tactics or lie to you to try and make you buy our products.

Across the general cosmetics market there are good and not so good substances found in both natural and lab synthesized ingredients and we will always remain progressive, listen to the latest cosmetic innovations and scientific reports and choose the ingredients that are the best for both you and the Earth.

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