Lincoln's Lunchbox, Vegan dog cookies

Lincoln's Lunchbox, Vegan dog cookies

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Lincoln's Lunchbox, where there's always a tasty dog treat to be found & our treats are different. We bake cruelty free, vegan, organic, handmade crunchy munchies. They are made using wholesome ingredients, including a variety of herbs to help benefit the health & wellbeing of your beloved companions, without causing harm to other creatures in the process. Promoting compassion, not cruelty we choose vegan for the animals, for health & our environment.

Just in case you're wondering, Mr Lincoln is a rescue companion dog. He has come a long way since being rescued & loves playing, going for long walks, chilling on the sofa, snoozing in his bed & giving & getting cuddles. Really! He is very well behaved and loves his food, so much so, that he got his guardian humans to make sure he always has a plentiful supply of tasty treats in his lunchbox, everyday.

This hasn't always been the case, as when he was rescued, he was in a poor, depressed state and despite feeding him 3, sometimes 4 meals a day, he was still losing weight. He was permanently hungry, he had no fur coat to speak of, looked ashen and was stealing any food product in sight. He was also 'gassing us' out his humans and gradually the penny dropped. He was not absorbing or benefiting from the food he was receiving. He had been given the best cuts of meat, ranging from turkey breast, to chicken and beef and still he was not thriving. So, in going back to basics, he started having rice, vegetables, healthy oils and beans & pulses. The transformation in his condition was both remakable & immediate. He gained weight, stopped stealing and the change in his general health and temperament was incredible. Not only was he surviving, he was thriving! Lincoln had become a plant powered dog and was getting good nutrition.

Regardless of switching him to a plant based diet, he carried on getting commercially produced biscuits and treats, to enjoy life's little pleasures, (or so we thought), but even these were upsetting his stomach. We later learned that most commercially produced biscuits and dog foods are sprayed with animal fat to enhance flavour and even this little amount of animal fat was upsetting him. Most are also packed with artificial preservtives, fillers and stabilisers, but have little nutritional value or benefit to health. So, there was no other option but for his humans to start baking him his own cookies. We selected the finest, organic plant based ingredients we could find, loaded them with essential goodies and herbs and Lincoln's Lunchbox was born.

Friends who sampled the cookies for their own dogs, said that we should make them available to all who wanted to give their companion animals good quality, healthy enjoyable treats, and so Lincoln's Lunchbox was launched.

We are pleased to say Lincoln's Lunchbox cookies are now shipped to anywhere in the UK, as well as being available for order in Europe & the US and both Lincoln & his humans would be very pleased to supply you with our unique, artisan cookies. Vist our facebook page to view the many pictures and great comments we have received within the first year of our existence.

Since Lincoln paved the way, his humans too have become plant powered, choosing to avoid all animal & animal derived products. We have chosen this for the benefit to the animals, our health & our environment and can say without doubt, that no animals are harmed in the making of our dog treats & that's we way we like it. Although we have to confess, our cookies are tested on dogs........... and loved.

Lincoln hopes your dog/s will enjoy his treats as much as he does.

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