Lao Wai

Lao Wai

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74 Luntmakargatan, Stockholm, 113 51, SE

Lao Wai is a Chinese vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Our dishes are specially selected to give the feeling of the genuine Chinese cuisine.

To enhance that feeling, we recommend to 'eat Chinese' as the Chinese do. This means that in a company of two or more, you order different dishes that are then shared by everyone. In China, there is no "my" food and "your" food in different dishes, but the dish is placed in the middle of the table and everyone in the party takes a little from the dish to their own rice bowl. The food is then eaten out of the rice bowl with sticks and from time to time you fill the dishes. When the other dishes are served they will be eaten in the same way. This way everyone can taste everything.

Note that the dishes are not served at the same time. Each dish is cooked individually and served one at a time and should be eaten without delay. The time between the cooking and the mouthwash must be kept to a minimum in order not to lose taste and texture. This is another reason to eat Chinese: no delay and the food is always fresh, right from the wok.

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Mon11:00 to 14:00
17:30 to 22:30
Tue11:00 to 14:00
17:30 to 22:30
Wed11:00 to 14:00
17:30 to 22:30
Thu11:00 to 14:00
17:30 to 22:30
Fri11:00 to 14:00
17:30 to 22:30
Sat17:30 to 22:30

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Chinese, Vegan, Vegetarian

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