Lalla Wandavi

Lalla Wandavi

  • Vegan

David Lane, Nottingham, NG6 0JU, GB

Lalla Wandavi creates luxury knitwear from natural, plant-based yarns. These individually made, slow fashion garments are knitted in the UK. The Lalla Wandavi ethos is based on strong ethical and low impact standards.

Our philosophy is kindness, kindness to ourselves, animals and the planet. We bring compassion into the world of fashion.

We are committed to changing the fashion industry where the connection with the welfare of our home, our planet, has been lost.

Each day we make a conscious choice to create physical and mental wellness, peace of mind, integrity and beauty. We are mindful of what we eat, drink, what we wear, how we live our lives and what impact each choice we make has on this world.

We promote and encourage animal welfare within the fashion knitwear industry.

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Clothing and footwear, Gifts, Fashion

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