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Aclare, Ireland

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Welcome to Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary, a humble attempt to help creating the peaceful and compassionate more-than-human world our hearts know is possible. ?

Heartstone is the first vegan organic sanctuary in Ireland - but hopefully not for long! ?

Veganic means, for me, that not only everything that is grown on the farm is grown according to vegan organic (also called stockfree organic) standards, but also, that all food, treats, and other products for the animals and for me - including fabrics, supplements, natural remedies, care products and so on - are vegan and organic, veganic wherever possible - and there's only very few exceptions I have to make due to unavailability (like wood shavings, and natural but non-organic worming), but everything is always natural, chemical-free, and where available, also seasonal and local or fair trade.

The fruit, veg, and in the near future nuts are also grown with no-dig methods, an emphasis on perennials, and along permaculture principles and the concept of forest gardening. ?

If you wish to learn more about the idea and concept of microsanctuaries, and available support, you might want to check out https://microsanctuary.org.

For more info about vegan organic growing, I'd recommend visiting http://veganorganic.net.

Feel free to contact me - and you're very welcome to visit us anytime with prior notice. ?
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