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38 Gretton Road, Harringworth, NN17 3AD, United Kingdom

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We have been vegetarian/vegan for almost 40 years and have shared a love of good food and wine, cooking and traveling. Alongside of that, comes our love of chocolate; which really adds depth and happiness to our lives and is a ‚Äòfood’ we cannot live without!

A few years ago when we lived in Liguria Italy, we were introduced to chili chocolate made by a true artisan. Forever hooked and in love!

We know that chocolate has health benefits too. It can boost heart health, lower blood pressure, is rich in iron and much much more.

Chocolate also has such an interesting and amazing history...

Centuries ago the Aztecs presented cups of a chocolate drink to their royalty, warriors, and explorers. They believed that the cacao beans used to make chocolate were a gift from their gods. Agreed! The Aztec emperor Montezuma was known to consume several cups a day to sustain his masculinity.

Casanova called chocolate the "elixir of love" and drank it instead of Champagne.

We absolutely love the history behind chocolate and the connection to love and passion. So you could say we are passionate chocoholics (being Sicilian Jo knows all about passion) and since becoming vegan, we have really enjoyed sourcing and tasting chocolate. You will see that we have selected chocolate from around the world and the UK. Which has led us to creating this unique fine vegan chocolate store, enabling us to offer you the very best of our discoveries. Which include milk, dark and white chocolate, organic and fair trade and single origin. Most of our chocolate is either bean or tree to bar.

Our aim has been to select not only the best chocolate but the most ethical we can find. We are humanitarian as well as believing in animal welfare. Real dark chocolate is naturally vegan, however chocolatiers are now creating some beautiful milk and white chocolate; which is made by adding a variety of plant or nut milk. We know only too well, that tastes vary and for this reason we have included a variety of bars; to satisfy most tastes. We are so excited in being able to include some of these in our store.

As we continue on our chocolate journey of discovery, we will be increasing our selection.
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38 Gretton Road, Harringworth, NN17 3AD, United Kingdom